I am a dog trainer.

My passion is to learn dog language – to understand what they are communicating to us at all times, and how we can communicate back in a way that enhances both of our lives and relationships so that we can live in friendship, harmony and understanding.

Philippa and Jack (close up)
When I became disabled, I had one question no one could answer – how do you teach loose lead walking from a wheelchair with a young pup? Nobody had any answers no matter how hard I searched.

I began to see other disabled people with their dogs, unsure how to approach their unique problems, and benefit from their own dogs being able to give them a hand around the house, even if they didn’t want or qualify for an assistance dog. Their dogs would never be full assistance dogs with jackets and full access, but could still enjoy being a working partnership around the house.

That is when I thought about offering my experiences and knowledge to others, and began to develop and bake dog treats that would entice and reinforce the required behavior.