About Me

Formal Qualifications

  • Teacher training from Homerton College, Cambridge
  • Bereavement counselling for pet owners – Darlington
  • Attended 2 First Aid courses for dogs
  • Intelligent Dog Trainers Course – Kay Laurence
  • 20 Principles all animal trainers should know – Roger Abrantes, Cambridge Ethology Institute
  • Canine Scent Detection – Roger Abrantes, Cambridge Ethology Institute
  • Taken the following canine courses from the National Open College Network:
  1. The Origin of The Dog and the importance of early education
  2. The influence of environment and importance of communication
  3. Exercise, nutrition, feeding and stimulation
  4. Basic training
  5. Man meets dog – Canine behaviour and living with your dog – Centre of Applied Pet Ethology

 Practical Experience

I have had dogs in my life since I was 13.

I have shared my life with a border collie x rough coated collie, 3 cavalier king Charles spaniels, a german shepherd, a chocolate Labrador, 3 golden retrievers, 2 chihuahuas, a Chihuahua x Pomeranian, a working x show cocker spaniel and a working cocker spaniel-though one Chihuahua and the Chihuahua x Pomeranian are my daughter’s dogs that I get to share with her. These are a mixture of my personal dogs, family dogs, and dogs I have spent a long time with as a puppy parent for assistance dog charities.
I have also experienced many different breeds of dogs-learning their breed nuances and needs-through my work with PetPals. I feel my particular strength is with puppies, as I have experienced so many, and was affectionately known as the puppy whisperer whilst I worked for PetPals.
Through these dogs I have gained knowledge and experience on socializing and familiarization, enjoying sporting activities such as agility, flyball and companion obedience-giving demonstrations with my dog club to help others and raise funds for animal charities. I have also learnt some of the challenges of training task work for assistance dogs.

My Family Dogs

My and my daughter Steph’s dogs – being cute, being well behaved, demonstrating no fear of disability living aids, indeed utilising them for their own needs!

Jack, my Canine Partner

Jack, mixing with my dogs, relaxing, demonstrating that he has lots of toys, lots of fun and a best friend Widget, as well as being a working dog.