I have been a dog walker/boarder for PetPals, Darlingon for people who work all day and therefore need assistance in getting their dog out for a nice run during the working day, and those who prefer a home setting for their dogs when they go away on holiday. As a service, we promised to always follow the life that the dog was used to at home, and in one case for me that meant spending a week sleeping with a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that liked to rest its chin on my ear and snore loudly!!
I have taken in, looked after, rehabilitated and trained dogs for friends who were having difficulties either with their dogs or their life circumstances, enabling them to either keep their dogs or come to the realisation that in this instance it was necessary to do what was best for the dog.

Jack, my Canine Partner, in a professional setting

Here is a Cambridge News article about Jack. The newspaper crew were amazed at all the different things he could do, at how happy he was to be doing them, and at the closeness of our bond.

Below is a video of Jack in action at the Canine Scent Detection course given by Roger Abrantes (Ethology Institute). More pictures of Jack can be seen on About Me page.

Movie by Roger Abrantes, produced by Ethology Institute Cambridge, first published on

Puppy socialiser/trainer for Canine Partners (prior to my own mobility problems)

In order to hone my training skills and abilities I attended many training sessions, often as many as 3 a week.

Grace, a chocolate Labrador who is now partnered with a lady on the Isle of Sheppey. Wren, a black Labradoodle that I looked after for a while.

Puppy socialiser for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

Just restarted after a couple of years out whilst I bonded with my own assistance dog.

A black Working x Show Cocker called Sally that I raised as a puppy socialiser. Pearl, a poodle that stayed with me one weekend. Skye, a black and white Working x Show Cocker Spaniel puppy that was intended to become a hearing dog, but I diagnosed her as deaf and she was taken off the programme and became a demo dog. And a Golden Cocker with loads of fur called Vena who came to stay with me as she had issues that she needed to overcome – and did whilst she was with me.

A foster carer for Wood Green Animal Shelter

Dora, a pregnant bitch who had 6 puppies and raised her litter in my home in order to give them the best start in life. Between us we raised 6 healthy boy puppies, and mother and sons are all now in happy homes.

Tiger Lily, a little dog that was so terrified and shutdown it needed a place to feel safe and be a dog again – successfully achieved – and now a well loved cheeky pet dog.

Volunteer project manager for Realife

All aspects of canine related project work, including information, advice and guidance. There is potential for liaison with a leading national voluntary organisation (Canine Partners). I also ran a trial project with regular dog lovers as a social club called ” Waggy Tails”, facilitated by myself in partnership with the Community Navigators and Realife Trust, which indicated that many aspects of our community would benefit from regular dog contact-we are currently looking for funding for a year in order to get this club self funded.

I will also be completing the National Brokerage Network accredited support brokerage programme at Realife to be able to take on additional 1-2-1 and small group information, advice and guidance work as an expert by experience.

Fundraiser for The Turbo Trust

I put out/collect charity boxes, run an annual dog show, assist at the annual duck race (part of the Cherry Hinton Festival), and hold a cake tombola stall at the Christmas Fayre. Have a look at our upcoming dog show, Pets in the Park.

Troubled Dogs

A Sheltie who stayed with me as she had dog aggression problems. I exposed her to many different breeds of dogs in a safe, calm, controlled environment, and the photos show how she settled and coped with this.